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About Us

Traditional and cultured business based family of OURS holds a unified mindset over five decades. Our common thirst to contribute something to this universe is the foundation for our own BHARATH NATURAL TECHNOLOGY. It was lead by our senior most brother, a doctor turned scientist with many outsourcing researchers at various levels paved the strong track for our BNT based GENNO products.

Our family thank all the field masters who took efforts in our mission and other blessed gentlemen who helps in our tests and trial to flourish our technology to full shape. Now GENNO comes under the banner Sundeep water solutions and Vacsons to control harmful industrial toxins from petroleum, tobacco,coal,polymers,fertilizer, chemical based edible oil etc. Also it controls harmful electro magnetic radiation emitted by cell phone, PC towers and system. We give a safe solutions to many industrial domains also for the problems they face in manufacturing, apart from Human Heath Care as an energy supplement.

Our Mission

Ours is a traditional Indian ancient NATURAL technology studied, compared, carefully developed and harnessed using modern infrastructure and tools by our eminent scientists headed by our team of scientists, after a tiresome effort of 21 years , we were able to make a small, but firm clarity for cleansing this toxin & chemical polluted world without disordering the day to day routine schedule. Also, this in turn protects the human care by creating healthy atmosphere and to have safe food ingredients.So, our Bharath Nano Natural Technology based GENNO will land its foot print for “positive contribution to fetch back an eco friendly & healthy surround,wellness of human fold by eradicating all sorts of toxin means and thus to generate prosperity of this whole universe by making all possible efforts in all possible means

Our Vision

An organization, but a group of elite to excellent gentlemen synchronizing together for a common cause. Sundeep water solutions is in clear vision to touch the lives of millions of human being through “GENNO” a BNT-GENNO technology to all over the world by developing a healthy eco friendly surround by reducing the carbon footprint, control toxins, chemical damages, e-wastes and electronic magnetic ray’s emission. And thus to rejuvenate the GREEN TREND WELLNESS and HUMAN CARE globally.

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