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About Genno

What’s Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide (NO) is one of the simplest molecules in biology, comprised of just two atoms—one atom of Nitrogen (N) and one of Oxygen (O). Through NO’s structure is simple, NO is now regarded as the most significant molecule in the body, absolutely crucial to your well- being.

NO is a powerful signaling molecule present in the cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as throughout the body. NO penetrates membranes and sends specific messages or biological signals that regulate cellular activity and instruct the body to perform certain functions. NO influences the functioning of virtually every bodily organ, including the lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, genitals, and, of course, the heart.

Among the many vital duties NO performs is its role as a vasodilator, meaning that it helps control blood flow to every part of the body. NO relaxes and enlarges the blood vessels, ensuring that blood can efficiently nourish the heart. NO also works to prevent the formation of blood clots, which are the trigger for strokes and heart attacks, and it regulates blood pressure . Your own body is the optimal resource for NO production.

Molecule of the Year

Nitric Oxide was named “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 by the journal Science, but it took another 6 years for those responsible for the major discoveries surrounding Nitric Oxide to win the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine on December 10, 1998.

Louis J. Ignarro, PhD
Ferid Murad, MD
Robert F. Furchgott, PhD

The manufacture of NO takes place mainly in the endothelium— which is the layer of cells lining the interior surface of the blood vessels. The endothelial tissue, which separates the blood from the smooth muscles of the vessel walls, is extraordinarily thin and fragile. When your endothelium is well nourished, NO is produced at optimal levels and blood flows unimpeded, nurturing the heart along with every other organ. During vigorous exercise, and even during certain routine physiological processes like digestion when more blood is needed, NO makes sure you get it. When the body is at rest, there is less NO, and this cuts back on blood flow. NO is one of the most significant molecules in the body.

Health benefits

Environmental Benefits

The more needed NITRIC OXIDE, NO is kicked off by us in means of toxic carbon emissions via motor vehicle smoke, coal smoke, tobacco usage as pleasure, chemical domination of unsafe fertilizers etc. Apart from all these, radioactive emission from cell phone level to atomic energy usage, unavoidable electronic wastage and lack of preserving harvested commodities from pests, insects, microbial contamination and the regular chemical wastes from many toxins based industries are coupled with our sedentary life style and made us prone more and more life threatening symptoms and diseases.

Nitric Oxide NO controls all these toxins emission and makes our environmental better and even without changing our regular life pattern and usage. It leads us to get FRESH AIR, FERTILE LAND, and PURE GROUND WATER at an affordable cost. So, NOW- SEE- USE- FEEL- SMILE- CHERISH

Know Your Genno

Genno is naturally cultivated Nitrite (NO2) in liquid media. It’s an anti oxidant and possesses anti fungicidal, anti bacterial, anti germicidal characters, in addition to the above cellular activities of Nitric Oxide (NO).

After an intense research of 17 years by Dr.A,Chandrasekaran, Genno was developed and patented in 2001 under the Indian Patents Act, 1979. Disillusioned by the shortcomings of modern medicine, he turned into a strong advocate for natural preventive medicine. Processed from certain herbs, using natural blossoming technology. During enzyme emitting periods of solar cycle, for a period of 45 days. The core product in gaseous form is collected in drops through hydrolysis. Since it is an organic produce & food grade, it has no side effects and safe for human use.

With its continuous R & D, by our team, surprising facts were found by controlling many toxins in a safe mode . Very good command over toxin emissions like carbon, tar, nicotine etc.,. It was found a clear “CARBON FOOTPRINT REDUCER”

A.Chandrasekaran, MD

Genno has wide spectrum of applications, ranging from health to different industries & domains.

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