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our firm manufacturing and marketing the GENNO products with analyzing the products with the BNT based naturally cultivated product designed at our R&D concern M/S VAC SONS. This natural cultivated organic product is patented and is being marketed in aqueous status. Our firm is located at southern part of Tamilnadu, INDIA. This hectic effort crossed more than 21 years with the assistance of many good hearted Researchers, Scientists and analysts headed by Our senior brother with an excellent support of DRDO , Defense lab trials .The out come of Bharath Natural Technology steps into commercial zone in the brand name “GENNO” and it is a safe organic with an unique non flammable and non poisonous characters. Basically our GENNO products are designed to control GLOBAL WARMING by alarming toxins and to take care of the health care of all human beings. And all products are INDOOR CHLOROPHYLL based ECO FRIENDLY.

Areas We Serve

Human Health Care
Emissive Toxin control in Industries
Improve Soil Fertility Mechanism
Hazardous Poly World to Eco Friendly
BioEzy Sector
Eradicate polution from petrol and diesel smoke cautioning


Common Handling of GENNO

Specific Instructions
If spillage in pack
No harm to worry
If mistakenly consume
Non poisonous and no harm
If caught fire
No worry it is non flammable
If seal open
No toxic, only efficiency reduction
If over eye or skin
No problem, it is user friendly to human organs
Application Category
As anti oxidant for industrial domains
As anti bacterial & anti oxidant for human anatomy
As anti germicide & anti fungicide for agriculture cultivation
As anti corrosive in INORGANIC application
As bio degradable in plastic industry
General Handling Instruction
Anybody can handle, but with specified instruction, since GENNO based products are VIRGIN, HIGH VALUE & avoid bacteria in hands to mix with GENNO Products by keeping you clean and healthy.

Customer Reviews

USER: Smt. B. Amaravathy

Age: 73/F

Given on 12-08-2016 to her son

My mother from krishnagiri undergone HIP SURGERY 25 days ago. Surgery was done at Narayani Hospital, Vellore using plate fix. The operation was success, but the patient felt heavy pain on hip and totally lost her sleep and appetite. Further she was not able to move a bit. By knowing about GENNO –NOON, we accepted to take as a therapy. Within five days, my mother recovered from all pain around hip and was able to walk now. We are really thankful to NOON inventors. I am working as an Assistant Security officer in Sripuram.

Contact No: 09698756167 (Mr. Amutha kumar, Assistant Security officer)

USER: Mr. Sridharan

AGE: 51

GIVEN ON: 28-02-2016

Really it is an amazing fact, by applying ENGINE DOCTOR+ in our 20 kW generator fixed on a 7 Dimensional video show bus; we got 27% savings over fuel efficiency. Besides we find the smoke emission is Non harmful and generator also running with very smooth nature? Thanks to the manufacturer and now the location is eco friendly with less sound with safe smoke. We all are pleased. Again I bought yet another product BIOEZY DRIV, an oil additive for our same generator. I found the result as the enhanced longevity of engine oil to 50% and with reduced engine noise, vibration and pollution. It controls the carbon emission and the viscosity is very much increased.. After blending BIOEZY DRIV, with our hydraulic oil, the staggering movement of viewers fixed chairs became very gentle and this kind of soft move we have never experienced. MY KUDOS.

Contact no: 09585296675


Age: 54

Given on 21-04-2016

I am a natural scent manufacturer and exporter from Pettai, Tirunelveli. Through my friend Mr. Muthukumar, I was happened to know the GENNO products. With half hearted, I bought two products for my unopened anatomy problem of not able to controlling my urine output for more than 90 minutes and a small pain always when I release urine every time. It was a permanent problem for a regular traveler like me. I boldly consume NOON at my NORTH INDIA pilgrimage trip of 25 days, I find a glorious change in my urine outing and I was able to hold it out even for 3 to 4 hours. It was a great relief, as far as mine, and I start to apply O FRESH at my paining location externally. It is surprise again, within few days; there was no pain while at my output. I was personally felt very relieved and I recommend to many peoples who are ailing like me. And still I am telling many peoples and they are also getting relieved from their problem in safe mode

Contact No: 093626 07712


AGE: 60

GIVEN ON: 21-03-2014

I casually bought ENGINE DOCTOR + and SURAKSHA out of compulsion from my nearby mates. When the GENNO based SURAKSHA was used as a kitchen additive to all products, my family happily watched the interesting aspects of keeping our house made DOSAI batter effective and tastier for more than 15 days. When we prepared our favorite PAROTTA watered with SURAKSHA added water, it was very soft, tastier and we were able keep for many days. Likewise, when I use ENGINE DOCTOR + for my petrol car, a surprising mileage efficiency of 20% was recorded and at my night journey, when I spray down that product over the wind shield glass, it develops ANTI GLARING effect across the opposite coming vehicles, and I enjoy night driving also without glaring at my age. Really worthfull products of natural base. Congrats and go ahead. I am a regular user till date.

Contact no: 094889 31689


Age: 48

Given on: 27-02-2014

I am a marketing sales person working with MODICARE. At my interest I met the company peoples in person and discussed about the products. They gave me some samples ENGINE DOCTOR—a bio fuel additive for 2 wheeler and O FRESH an external application of our body. On those days, I was suffering from ear pain and no solutions were found through my medical practitioner. On the same day night, when I felt the same pain, I tried O FRESH near my ear twice at night. Morning I felt all the debris came out in the morning with no pain feeling throughout that night. I was astonished to watch its best and now regularly buying many products from them and use for my family and my friends cum relatives. It is really a worth product without any sort of side effect. Also when I use ENGINE DOCTOR for my own 2 wheeler, I find a great change in my vehicle of smooth ride, mileage boost, and very very less maintenance. This also I am using in regular and saving my money in petrol aspect.

Contact No: 081243 38933


AGE: 61

GIVEN ON: 27-04-2013

I am an exporter and I am 6’ 2” tall and slim. When I went out for my shopping once at Chennai, while coming out after shop I fell down in straight in front by losing my control. At my age, I felt severe pain at my knee and called my driver to come and with my wife’s help I moved to a Doctor nearby with severe pain. He applied some pain killers to cool me. But my pain was constant and I was unmoved. Next day I went to my family doctor and he suggested with some pain killers and after dropping of pain, we can take scan and finalise whether ligament tare or hairline crack. Even after pain killer application, my pain was not reduced. When I consult my doctor over phone, he recommended me to consult a specialist. Again I consulted the specialist, he changed the pain medicine and told, it is certainly a hairline crack and after the pain is reduced, we will do a minor surgery. But still the pain was not reduced. At that time, one of friend suggested O FRESH and asked me spray it up over your knee and around. Even ih that pain I laughed and told my friend that how water like will cure beyond the powerful pain medicine. But I applied. After 4 hours I felt my pain was reduced a lot. So with more confidence I applied several times in a day. Next day morning I was able to rest my leg on the floor. I was surprised of its pain management. And next day I drove my car and met my doctor. He checked and reported me that I am alright. No scan or surgery was needed. Still I wonder how water like organic medicine does these wonders. OFRESH is really great. Now I am a good supporter and friend of that concern and I recommend many oldies to use this pain management product.

Contact no: 098400 23959

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